Monday, 6 June 2016

Reason Why You Should Visit Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island is one of popular tourist attractions in San Francisco. The island of Alcatraz is one of the world's famous places to visit due to its history. If it is your first time to the island, you should be ready to see the terrifying morgue and the holes on the wall where prisoners were tortured the island. However, as you plan your Alcatraz tours, you need to book your tickets before the travelling date so that you can get space in the ferry. It is worth noting Alcatraz Island receives many visitors throughout the year, and you may miss the ferry to Alcatraz if you like rushing the last minute

Your tour start as you board the ferry to the island. As you wait for the ferry to take you to Alcatraz Island, you have an opportunity to see many pictures and read interesting quotes from prominent people related to the Island. Contrary to the belief of many people that the prison is the only attraction in the Alcatraz Island, there are many things that will interest you in Alcatraz. The following are some of the other attractions that you see in Alcatraz Island.

The D-block

This was the darkest part of the Alcatraz prison where notorious prisoners were taken for some days as way of disciplining them. The D-block was popularly known as the ‘hole’ and no prisoner liked the idea of being taken to the hole

The famous Indians vegetable gardens

It is worth noting that the Alcatraz Island did not stay a prison all the time. Indians moved to Alcatraz after the prison was closed, and they lived self-sufficient lives. The Indians in Alcatraz Island grew their own vegetable, and there are many gardens in the Island. Although it is over twenty years since when Indians left Alcatraz, the vegetable still remain there, and you can learn a lot about the lifestyles of the Indians.

The refugees’ cells

One thing that you should know about Alcatraz Island is that prisoners used to escape from the Island. Prisoners used spoons to dig the walls of the cells. The most interesting part is that although the holes were furnished, the holes are still there and replica heads made of soap and hair still lying on beds. This is actually the most touching thing about the Alcatraz tours, especially the three bank robbers who managed to escape the Alcatraz Island and never to be found up to date

The morgue and the Indina’s sights

The Alcatraz Island is popular for its Indian’s sights and the old morgue that was established 1910. The most fun thing about the Morgue in Alcatraz is that it was used only once when a body of a prisoner was preserved there for a night. You cannot complete Alcatraz tours without visiting the water tower that was used for storing fresh water and it is no longer in use.
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