Sunday, 5 June 2016

Breaking News is a website providing you with the latest Breaking News coming from different reliable sources such as Nigerian News Agency, Nigerian newspapers, eyewitnesses and authorities.  Receive the latest and hottest breaking news in business, politics, entertainment, sports, health, education and other events in Nigeria.  We deliver the essential information and news that the public need the same time they occur.

The Breaking News of is the fastest way that the recent occurrence can reach the people.  With the Breaking News, visitors of our site can choose from different stories and topics that they can follow.  Nigerian News also makes it easier for you to follow certain news and see if it will transcend into major news.

Breaking News is audaciously hardcore news. couldn't care less on driving open rate. They think about getting critical news to individuals who want it and who need it. Their audience can also get notifications that are extremely direct; the official website is packed with the latest breaking news brought by different reliable sources

At, they are aware about the importance of the Nigerian News.  They know that the important news that arises on the moments should be delivered right to the people who need to know them.    Based on the long years of experience of the people behind this Nigerian News Agency, they know the sources and information that is more accurate compared to the others.  And since it is a Breaking News, they will discount some of the information and will just include the crucial data by applying editorial judgement.

Their reporters are always present during the early stage of the developing story.  They have the first-hand information by talking to the witnesses and interviewing the cops that are assigned into the area of interest.  Upon gathering all the information needed, their reporters are knowledgeable on what to include on the story and what is not.  When gathering breaking news, there will always be shade on the story.

 They are dedicated in providing accurate and consistent report to the public at the exact time that they require it.  While is aware that getting the breaking news to the public is essential, they also make it a point to keep it precise and reliable.  They comprehend that a slight misinformation can create a panic or damage to a considerable portion of Nigerian community.  The focal point of the breaking news is based on the public craves and need like in the field of politics, health, business, sports, entertainments and others. 

With, you will never have to miss any news.  They are offering Nigerian Newspapers on the go and at the touch of your palm.  Their Nigerian News Website is mobile optimised that lets you access the Breaking News right on your devices and mobile phones.
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