Monday, 6 June 2016

Museedorsay: A Paris Attraction That Should Not Be Missed

Paris may be known as the city of light and the city of love, but it has more to offer than romance. There are plenty of Paris attractions that you can enjoy, depending on the things that you find interesting. You can go on a gourmet tour and sample local Parisian cuisine, splurge on shopping for branded clothing, or hop form one museum to another, among other activities. If you are interested in museums, one that should definitely be included in your itinerary is MuseedOrsay. From its setting to what can be seen inside the museum, it offers a Parisian experience that will make your trip more memorable

A Museum in a Grand Setting

Among other things, one of the reasons why it is amongst the most popular things to do in Paris is because of the museum’s splendid and unexpected setting. It can be found in a grand railway station. It has been built in 1900 by Victor Laloux for the Paris World Exposition. From then, it was immediately considered as showcase of industrial architecture that makes Paris well-known. However, through the years, the trains became longer, and hence, the platforms became shorter. This has led into the abandonment of the site as a train station, and it has been converted into a parking lot, theater, and reception for prisoners of war until it became MuseedOrsay

What to Expect

As one of the most popular Paris attractions, the museum will offer endless opportunities for you to revel in the beauty of art and learn about history. When it was formally inaugurated on November 1986, MuseedOrsay housed 1,500 sculptures, 2,300 paintings, and 1,000 other works of art. Many of these works were from other museums, such as Musee du Luxembourg. Over the years, different gifts and acquisitions from other museums came in, and this has significantly expanded the museum’s collections.

Today, MuseedOrsay houses artworks that have been produced from 1848 – 1914. It is known as a decisive period in the history of art and has given birth to impressionism. Other artistic movements that are well-represented in the museum include realism, academism, and symbolism, among others. Some of the artists with their works featured in the museum include Van Gogh, Monet, Millet, Rodin, Renoir, and Seurat, among others

Aside from the permanent collections of the museum, there are also temporary and seasonal exhibitions of different artworks.

Entrance to the museum is free every first Sunday of the month, which is the case with all other national museums. Those who are under 18 can visit the MuseedOrsay for free while those who are from the age of 18 – 25 who are from outside of the European Union can purchase their tickets at discounted prices.

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