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All About The Arc De Triomphe Paris

Paris, France is a city filled with numerous monuments known all over the world. The Arc de Triomphe Paris is one of the most popular of these monuments. The monument has both historical as well as political significance as it represents the main French wartime victories over the years. Tourists visiting Paris not only marvel at the architectural genius embodied by the Arc de Triomphe but also recognize its significance over the years. Commissioned in 1806, the monument was finalized in 1836, long after Napoleon, the famous emperor of France had died back in 1821

Below we will look at more information about this standout monument, which is part of the most popular Paris attractions.

The Arc de Triomphe was conceived by Napoleon, the Emperor of France at a time when their armies were experiencing numerous victories, and had conquered most of Europe. Napoleon had promised his soldiers that they would return to Paris under arcs of triumph after their successful war campaigns. The arc de triomphe was commissioned by Napoleon back in 1806 after he returned to Paris, but due to various interruptions during the building process, was delayed and completed long after he had died in 1836

Napoleon had come back to Paris with a wooden model of the arc de triomphe. However, since the monument was passed on to various architects before completion, some changes were made to the initial design. The arc is part of the axe historique (history axis) of France. This axis is made up of a number of monuments and thoroughfares running from the Louvre courtyard to the Grande Arche de la Defense. Among the main aim of the arc was to inspire triumphant patriotic messages.

In 1921, the arc de triomphe Paris received the remains of the Unknown Soldier, who died during the First World War. This was meant to be a symbol to honor the hundreds of thousands of unknown soldiers who died during the war. The remains of the Unknown Soldier are located in the vault below the arc de triomphe.
Later on in 1923, an ever burning Memorial flame was added to at the site of the arc de triomphe. The flame has never been allowed to go off since it was lit in 1923. A daily rekindling ritual is conducted around the flame in remembrance of the great dead.

The arc de triomphe is a highly important monument in France and forms the central focus point during important national celebrations. Ever since the remains of the Unknown Soldier were laid in the vault beneath the arc, soldier parades do not go through it but go around as a sign of honor

During your visit to Paris, it is recommended that you include a visit to this highly significant monument, and take in the history and memories it represents. Some of the best restaurants and shopping stores are located along the stretch leading up to the arc de triomphe as well.
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