Monday, 6 June 2016

A Must See In Paris – Centre Georges Pompidou

The Pompidou Centre is locally known as the Beauborg. It is considered as one of the most visited places, and at the same time, least recognized attractions in Paris. Every year, millions and millions of tourists come to Paris. However, only some actually take advantage of this magnificent treasure

Officially named the Centre Georges Pompidou, it is the center for all of Paris’ modern arts exhibits, offering a good counterpart to the Louvre. It features art, music, literature, cinema, as well as fine cuisine of the modern century and this new millennium. Sadly, however, despite the several attractions in Paris, some visitors fail to see everything, including the Paris Pompidou.

The Best Time to Visit

Visit in early summer or in the spring and you can expect to see more than just a standard museum. The Place Pompidou is directly located to the building, and during these seasons, it bursts to life with the presence of street artists, outdoor dining, as well as other events such as skateboarding competitions. The events that are available may vary from year to year. Therefore, you can expect to visit the place twice and experience the same event

The main Centre Georges Pompidou building is designed by Renzo Piano, an Italian architect who brought this work of art to life. It was renovated and then opened again back in 2000. The entire building comes with a contemporary theme, focusing on what can be seen inside, instead of what is outside. For example, the elevators and escalators that connect the floors are situated on the outer part of the building, thus preserving the space inside in order to present art in a better way, including the visitors who have come and enjoy the place. As a matter of fact, all of the functional aspects of the Pompidou Centre are left outside, exposed

There are also bistros in the area, allowing you to take a quick bite during your visit, but you may want to save the rest of your tummy space at the Restaurant Georges located at the sixth floor. It can offer you nothing, but the best possible dining experience that is available there. Plus, you also have a good view of the entire city. The tickets to Paris Pompidou may vary. It is highly advisable to check the website first before planning your entire trip. Different types of tickets offer admission to different types of attraction. True, this system may turn out to be complicated. However, if you choose to deal with a travel agency to deal with these reservations, you do not have to go through the hassle of it all. Your visit to Paris will certainly be different when you drop by the Centre Georges Pompidou on your next adventure!
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