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What Is Excess Liability Policy?

Excess liability gives restriction that is beyond the initial liability insurance of a certain company.  Upon making the report of the claim to the agency, the initial insurance policy that will respond would be the primary insurance such as employer’s liability, auto liability, and general liability. On the off chance that the claim exceeds the amount stated in the limit of the primary liability insurance, the excess liability policy will take over.  In case you are asking “what is excess liability”, this article will serve as your guide on the things you need to know about excess liability coverage.

What is Excess Liability:  Your Guide about Excess Liability

Coverage vs. Limit

Excess liability insurance is basically providing an extra limit that is beyond the original limit of your primary policy.  It is not an extra coverage for your original liability policy.  The two policy serves almost similar purpose; providing coverage on a definitive claim.  In case that your primary insurance policy is not covering the claim, the excess liability will also not cover the claim. This is basically the definition of “what is excess liability Policy”.  For instance, if your claim exceeds your fiduciary liability limit, the excess fiduciary will take over.  There is a huge difference between additional coverage and the additional limit.

The Commercial Umbrella

In case you are looking for a mix of additional coverage and additional limit, the commercial umbrella policy is what you are looking for. In case you are thinking on what is excess liability difference on the umbrella insurance policy, it basically provides an additional policy that is beyond the coverage of your primary liability insurance.  It can provide coverage that is not covered by your primary liability insurance.

Self-Insured Vs. Deductible

The Excess liability insurance will not only shoulder the amount that a business owes on a distinct claim.  They are also designed to shoulder the expenses on the legal process that are utilized in defending the claim.  If you want to know about what is excess liability deductible, the deductible is generally equal to the limit of the primary liability policy.  On the other hand, self-insured is a term used for the umbrella policy.  This essentially implies that the person insured has to shoulder the expenses on the legal aspects.  They will only be able to claim the cost when the amount of limit stated on the umbrella policy is reached.

Finally, you also need to know the answer to the question “what is excess liability cost”.  Based on the records, the average cost of personal protection that amounts to $1million will cost at around $150. The next $1million will cost significantly lower (sometimes half the price). When adding an excess liability policy to your primary liability insurance, the cost may be higher compared to the personal insurance contingent upon the exposure to the risk and the business type.  But still, having that extra protection is always worth the investment.
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