Friday, 15 July 2016

Maintenance And Care Of Your Car Stripes

It is just so surprising to hear that the car stripes and graphics are not properly cared for especially in times that they are used to market a business brand.  Some wrapping companies are attesting to the fact that most of their customers are seeking for a repair after only a mere 6 months of installing the stripes or wraps.  What is more surprising is that the pencil marks that were originally utilized by the installer when aligning the stripes are still present on the car.  This is a simple indication that the owner of the car is not performing a simple maintenance of the car.

Why Do You Need To Maintain and Care for Your Car Stripes

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the car stripes and wraps will not only keep them looking good for a very long time, but it will also better promote a business in case they are using it for business promotion.  The perception of the public regarding your business is determined on how you present yourself to them.  How will you expect a company to take care of your concern when they can’t even take care of their own promotional item?

 Furthermore, aside from maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the car, cleaning, and maintenance of the car stripes is required if you want to extend the life of your car graphics.  This factor is crucial especially if you reside in an area with a high elevation as well as densely populated industrial and urban areas.  Areas located in a higher ground are exposed on a higher amount of UV rays that can compromise the quality of the car graphics.  Because of the fact that there is a thinner air and less filter of UV, the damage to the car graphic significantly increases. In terms of the densely populated industrial and urban areas, harmful elements, pollutants, and smog are present in the air that can decrease the durability of your stripes.  The surface of the car has a tendency to trap the chemical and reduce the quality of the stripe.

The effects of the harmful elements can be hampered by employing proper cleaning and maintenance.  Furthermore, they can apply a specialized wax that can improve the resistance of the car stripes against the UV rays and pollutants.

How to Clean the Car Stripes

The most ideal way of cleaning the car stripes is through the customary way of cleaning using mild detergent and hand.  An automatic cleaning method is also acceptable.  If you are going to a car wash, it is recommended to skip the wax application in order to guarantee that they will not use a wax that incorporates a petroleum distillate.  It is also not advisable to use an automated brush.  The detergent that you should use should also not be acidic.  The acidity level should only be around 3-11.

This is some of the most recommended approach when maintaining the quality of your car stripes.
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