Friday, 1 July 2016

Homework Assistence Penrith - K12.Com.Au

K12 Academy is a tutoring centre in Penrith, which provides tuition classes for students of all grades, and also provides preparation classes for NAPLAN, Opportunity Class, & Selective tests, Olympiads, ICAS tests etc. Our experienced teachers ensure that students are challenged to the best of their ability.

We have structured classes for group lessons and customized one to one lessons to cater for the individual needs of the students. K12 offers huge possibilities for provision of educational resources, from tough exams to homework help.

Tutoring provides your child with the opportunity to identify the gaps in their knowledge; they can ask questions and receive help on topics they haven’t been able to understand well. Individual or group lessons is one of the possible way to help your child if they’re having difficulties with certain parts or subjects of the school curriculum or preparing for exams.
Competitions are the best way to help your child develop and grow their talents at the next level, and at k12 we promote students to participate in competitions which will allow your child to become confident and knowledgeable.
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Contact Us:
Address : K12 Academy , 196 Smith Street , South Penrith , NSW 2750 Australia
Phone  :  0424 567 006

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