Thursday, 14 July 2016

Exacq Video Review

Exacq video is one of the top network video recorders available in the market today that is suitable for a wide range of security needs. This system offers all the essential tools you need for recording video from the IP cameras with your network. If you are uncertain of which network video recording is the best to use, the following Exacq video review will help you determine the most suitable option.

Introduction to Exacq video

Exacq has an extensive range of network video recording solutions to meet a diverse range of client needs. The Exacq video servers can support up to an impressive 128 cameras. You can also get a couple of hybrid NVRs that offer support to both IP and analog cameras.

With Exacq video, recording video from IP cameras is made significantly easier. This system is usually very easy to set up and use. Furthermore, they have complex features that ensure they add lots of value to you overall security system. There are available from cheap basic systems for supporting homes and businesses to large enterprise servers that can support thousands of cameras.

Whether you are running Linux, Windows or Mac, you will be able to quickly set up and start using the Exacq video system. It has a simple user interface with clear controls, and you will get familiarized much quickly compared to other systems. In addition, you can also view your cameras on your smartphone. This means you can view recorded or real-time video remotely and also control your IP cameras from any location.

General features of Exacq video

  • The system auto detects cameras, thus making it easy to set up.
  • Simple user interface that is easy to use.
  • Map displays enable you to select specific cameras.
  • Continuous motion timeline.
  • Access recorded and live video on both local and remote devices.
  • Support seamless export of video to be used as evidence.
  • Many handy features for searching through the recorded video for evidence.
  • Playback multiple IP cameras simultaneously and also do thorough timeline searches.
  • View instant replay from any of the connected cameras
  • Exacq video is also compatible with most IP camera models

How to choose the right Exacq video system?

While you can still set up the Exacq video system on your own, it is best to consult an experienced security firm that deals in security systems to get better results. These includes things like the number of cameras you need, the amount of storage, frame rate, expected motion, day or night camera usage, camera resolution and also whether you need additional RAID storage. When you talk to an experienced firm, they will be able to review all your security requirements and recommend the right security system that will address your distinctive needs
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