Tuesday, 2 August 2016

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Casa da Música was only inaugurated in 2005 but it was deemed an instant classic. You will want to see this just after seeing a picture of it. This is a concert hall but it is the most unique and beautiful concert hall in the world. Instead of going for a traditional look or a simplistic modern look the architect Rem Koolhaas went with something completely new. The building immediately drew wide acclaim in the world of architecture and was deemed one of the most important architectural constructs in recent history. It is the type of building people will be coming to look at even centuries later. We would highly recommend putting it on your things to do list.
Casa da Música is the most trendy concert hall in the area and is home to some fantastic performances. If you are coming to Porto then make sure that you look at the schedule of this place. There are many interesting performances here and there is bound to be something which will pique your interest. The concert hall is also unique because it is the only one in the world that has glass walls on both sides. This allows for daytime concerts with beautiful natural illumination.
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